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- SME B2B and B2C

- Non-Medical Grade Bio-Metrics

- Software

- LMS and Learning Systems

- Assessment Technology

- Digital Media


- Product Development

- Project Management

- Change Management

- Market Research and Analysis

- Data Analytics

- VR Productions

- Bio-data integration


How can SV&A USA Help Your Business? 


At SV&A USA, we are experts in Project Management and Product Development. We help small to medium size companies create products, and/ or manage the launch of new products to a customer or marketplace. We have over 50 years combined experience in cradle to grave project realization with capabilities in product innovation, business case creation, market studies, product specification for manufacturing or coding, hardware and software supplier sourcing, and product testing. Contact us to see how you can gain high quality support for your company's initiatives.


As a highly innovative group, we have a team specialized in Virtual Reality from capture (360 video or Lidar based point clouds), to final visualization in a shared VR work space to help with your project realization needs. We also have extensive experience in integrated bio-metric data (Heart Rate, HRV, GSR, EEG, and others) for your marketing or educational projects to assure your clients' emotional responses are as expected.  These advanced skill sets have allowed us to go beyond our clients expectations to achieve out sized results. 


New products and new initiatives can be quite disturbing to your companies standard operating procedures. To support your new market opportunity or technical projects, we have significant experience in change management and brain based employee training initiatives, and are happy to advise your company through your initiatives.


In business since 2011, SV&A USA is part of SV&A Global. SV&A Global is a groupment of small specialty companies with offices in North American and Europe. We share a common goal to provide our customers globally and locally with high quality and sustainable solutions. 



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