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EXAMPLES OF OUR sOFTWARE PROJECTS is a web infrastructure custom built for CIMBA Italy. It allows a coach and their customer to have a one-stop location for data driven coaching. The infrastructure has built in psychometric, bio-metric, and peer-based feedback metrics as well traditional coaching tools like journaling, and goals management.

Peer Feedback Tools

AboutMySpeech and AboutMy360 are websites that allow users to create simple, custom questions that can support gathering focused peer feedback. The sites, built for CIMBA Italy, are being used by both Corporations and Universities all over the world.

BioMetric Apps

SV&A USA supported CIMBA Italy to create three bio-metric apps for use with coaching. The three sensor technologies used were Heart Rate, GSR, and EEG. Each app was purpose built and integrated into the CIMBA webportal. The CIMBA-Heart App is available on Android or iOs. CIMBA-Team and CIMBA-Mind are available on Android only.


Bio-Metric Reporting

We developed, for CIMBA, a system to integrate bio-data and reporting into business and leadership based experiential training programs. An individuals' data is compared to a database of thousands of past participants to generate a custom bio-report. The report is used inside personal coaching sessions to support behavioral awareness and change. The system is used in multiple courses at Universities and Businesses around the world. 

SAFETY Assessment

Built for the Academy of Brain Based Leadership, we designed and developed the web infrastructure for the SAFETY assessment. The SAFETY acronym describes the brain based mechanisms that drive behavior. The assessment is accessible to corporate trainers, universities, brain-based coaches, and anyone with a desire to understand the non-conscious drivers of their behavior.

Executive Vitality

Coming Soon!!

Working with CIMBA, we are building an assessment, based on the latest science, of what you can do to enjoy more vitality in your life. 


Due to the discretion requested by our customers and confidentiality agreements in place, we do not put references to the projects in this category on the site.  If you would like more information about how our temporary managment, management consulting, or project management support may help your business, please contact us for more information. 

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